Another look…

I’m posting a new video on my YouTube channel tomorrow (not of this makeup) so make sure you go subscribe! 

✨Raven & Elle by @motivescosmetics. Double dose lashes by @doseofcolors. Nude gloss by @whiteninglightning. Ombré wig by @rpgshowwig✨
✨Raven & Elle by @motivescosmetics. Double dose lashes by @doseofcolors. Nude gloss by @whiteninglightning. Ombré wig by @rpgshowwig✨
Late night filter sesh

#iletitgothough 😌
It’s the Galaxy Chic @bhcosmetics palette and @limecrimemakeup Wicked Velvetine…who got it right?! 😬
Only thing else on the eyes is LBD liner by @motivescosmetics and Starlet & Precious lashes by @houseoflashes. Somebody asked about the blush it’s medium coral by @maybelline and red vino by @milanicosmetics.

Ombré wig by @rpgshowwig and rings by @carolinecreba.
Can you guess which @bhcosmetics palette and @limecrimemakeup lippie I used today? 😏

(Rings by @carolinecreba)
Lazy makeup day 😑
LBD Liner by @motivescosmetics
Blushing Gloss by @lagirlcosmetics
Iconic @houseoflashes 
Red Vino Blush by @milanicosmetics
I love throwing on my @rpgshowwig when I don’t feel like doing my hair 💁

I just posted a video on @lagirlcosmetics lip swatches and I accidentally left off this one I’m wearing today called Blushing. Go check out the video and if you want to see more of just swatches then tag what you want me to swatch below!

Cappucino & raven by @motivescosmetics and a shadow from @morphebrushes 35w palette blended in the crease and under eye. Milk pencil by @nyxcosmetics on the lid underneath slate teal by @frankierosecosmetics. Spearmint glitter by @eyekandycosmetics, Iconic @houseoflashes, Salmon gloss by @whiteninglightning. Earrings by @ebrooklael. 
I filmed this so lets hope I can get it edited soon :)
It’s your world. I’m just living in it…💕
Still recovering from an amazing concert. Fan or not that OTR show was a MUST SEE! I wish they did two shows in Atl I’d go again…epic. I don’t even mind the fact that my feet feel like I was standing on hot coals all night 
Here’s another look at my previous makeup post with my eyes open..

Eyes: Fantasy on the lid and lbd liner by @motivescosmetics. Totally fetch by @toofaced on lash line. Jellybean glitter on lid and bubblegum on inner corner by @eyekandycosmetics. Naomi @lashesbylena. Raspberry sherbert gloss by @whiteninglightning